Agency /Distributorship/Representative  for inputs

  • Plant protectants and growth enhancers
  • Organic
  • Light equipment/machinery for on- farm and post harvest assessments
  • Probes, sensors, detectors for ‘on –site’(farm and port of exit)surveillance and quantification
  • Food testing materials
  • Intervention products/legislations  for Standards contaminants—mycotoxins, pesticides, vet. drug residues
  • Setting up of agro-companies,
  • Getting relevant permits
  • Sourcing for lands for farms  and factories
  • Conferences, Seminars, lectures to stakeholders


Agency /Distributorship/Representative  for inputs

  • Equipment/services on sustainable environment
  • Bio-resources, biodegradables in medicine, agriculture
  • Testing kits, probes and light equipment
  • Establishment of environ-companies in Nigeria
  • Conferences, Seminars, lectures to stakeholders


Agency /Representative

  • Consultancy on establishment of  tertiary institution (University, Poly/Monotechnic)
  • Contact person for Universities and other institutions
  • Organizing scientific trainings/workshops


Commission agents. Because of the trust –driven business activity, the company is invited to run/lobby on behalf of other special lines– manufacturers , service providers or group platforms….on agreed terms. General Supplies.

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