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The scare about food items produced and maintained with chemicals has increase the acceptance level for Organic and green products

They are tested by the appropriate government regulatory agency

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Body odour can be irritating. Some sports men and women are battling this ‘disease’. Available deodorants have succeeded in achieving temporary relief after which the stench comes out. Experiments have confirmed this seemingly hopeless situation. For example, in one instance, the odor-control treatment reduced the smell, but not enough to make a difference on laundering frequency, and the textiles smelled still more strongly than other matrices as clothing

Can organic , microbial solutions be to the rescue ? Remember, not a few of the sources of odour are traceable to microbes

Odours from dump sites , petroleum sites, hotels need  a more effective odour eating solutions that will leave an equally irritating and nauseating residues in the environment

A serious challenge to manufacturing companies with proven track record of sustained success



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Keeping up with an ever -increasing level of emissions from industrial , dump and waste water sites is an attraction to environmental safety activists and enthusiasts.  Microbial Odor ProfileOdourinfluence on well-being and health with specific focus on animal production emissions. Odour and odorants may affect the quality of life of exposed individuals just as the possibility of synergism is there to give rise to combination actions. In African countries, not much attention is paid to this dangerous health scare. Although the data are scanty, it is expected that not a few cases of serious morbidity or death could have been attributed to fouling of the environment.

Many countries do not legislate on this and so ensuring compliance is difficult.  Concerted action is needed to prevent diseases and possible death that are odour-mediated




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Issues in AGRICULTURE and WATER will require solutions that MUST embrace SOLGREEN products. They are now in Nigeria


High agric yield and safe consumption together with wholesome water are results of contact with Solgreen


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